Las Vegas High Rise Condos

Welcome to our post COVID-19 Las Vegas reopening blog !

Lots of questions from our current clients and investors about Las Vegas High Rise Condo Market, so I writing this post hoping that it will give some clarity as well as help in the decision making as far as Las Vegas High Rise Condos are concerned. The biggest question is why invest in Las Vegas High Rise Condos and why now ? Well.. as Las Vegas is reopening and there is life once again on Las Vegas Strip High Rise condo market is seeing the movement especially in the lower price point being under $600K . Reason being is that lots of buyers feel that this is a safer investment across the board as well as lower overall carrying costs and I am talking here about regular Las Vegas High Rise…

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The holiday season is here , and that means Las Vegas High Rise Condo market comes to a halt…. NOT AT ALL ! There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to buying or selling during the holidays and end of the year , so let’s clear some things up.


Because many people don’t think to shop around during the holiday season that means there is less competition and more  High Rise Condo options available to serious buyers in Las Vegas High Rise Market where the inventory is very limited. This makes the end of the year a very favorable market for condo buyers. What’s more, if you close on your condo by the end of the year, you also get to take advantage of the tax benefits. In addition,…

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